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Welcome to SpoonFed Investor, the home away from home for committed long-term investors.

Here at SpoonFed Investor we live by a few empowering ideas.

  • Investing is for everyone. No matter how big or small you are, you have the right to let your savings work hard for you and your family. And it’s not difficult! With good guidance and a long-term outlook, investing is actually pretty simple.
  • You should not need to pay a lot of money, spend a lot of time or have a lot of experience to be a successful investor. We believe you should have the choice to dedicate your time to doing things you love, like being with your family – or building a business you are passionate about.
  • As individual investors we have some very big advantages. We can use these advantages to dramatically out-perform our financial “insider” colleagues over the long run (cool huh!).

Hi there!

My name is Sam and I’m the founder of SpoonFed Investor.

I started SpoonFed Investor to pull back the curtains and help people realise how simple investing really can be. Far too often, investment firms don’t truly care for their customers’ needs… after all, they still profit when their customers lose! SpoonFed Investor is different; we truly deeply care about your success. Our investment advice is carefully designed to make things as easy as possible for you, and to provide you with the support you need.

The investment community and the financial media would have us believe the markets are something mystical, only accessible to those with fancy math degrees or advanced investing models. But this could not be further from the truth. When investing, simple is always better!

Our 5 simple rules to investing success:

  • Understand market types… and what to do when they change
  • Free yourself from the tyranny of compounding costs
  • Realize that you achieve your goals through position-sizing and exits… not stock picking
  • Have an edge over the market
  • Have a plan in place to capture once in a decade opportunities for spectacular profits

Over the long-term, with some simple practises most investors should be able to grow their account balance several times over – and not be stressed in doing so.

Read more about our rules in the honest (and somewhat brutal) truth about investing in 2014.

With SpoonFed Investor you will have everything you need to:

  • Build wealth in the stock market
  • Adapt to changes in the market type to avoid market crashes
  • Save loads of time in research and planning
  • Save tons of money in fees
  • Get rich slowly and over time achieve financial freedom

At SpoonFed investor we show you EXACTLY what to do. It’s not always going to be rosy and there will be bumps in the road, but with persistence you will get there – and we will be holding your hand along the way.

Happy Investing!

Sam Eder Signature

Sam Eder

Founder, SpoonFed Investor

About Sam


A market veteran at a young age, Sam has trained extensively in the art and science of investing (and active trading) with world-renowned investors including (and yep it’s a real thing) “market wizard” Van K Tharp.

Sam’s investing approach covers the following five core elements.

Foundations of Strength

Successful investors think differently from the rest. They have beliefs and habits that are often the opposite of conventional wisdom; these form the foundations of their success. To use an analogy from the “matrix”, top investors have taken the red pill and travelled a long way down the investing rabbit hole. Luckily what these investors do can be modelled.

The Scientific Path to Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is a process. It’s a real thing that can be mapped out and methodically achieved. Each of you has a financial freedom number that once surpassed will allow you to live the life that you choose and help your friends and family to live better lives too. Financial freedom requires clear goals and once you learn that you are in control of what you define financial freedom to be, what seemed a long way off might be closer than you think.

The Keys to Investing System Development

Investing should be treated like a business. When developing your investing plan, you want to encompass the following essential keys:

  • A compelling model of the market;
  • An investing edge – a clear advantage like the “house” has over the punter;
  • A different system for each market type;
  • A distinct “set-up”;
  • A entry that is stalked with hunter-like precision;
  • A profit objective at least three times your risk;
  • A method of trading what is in front of you by using complex exits.

Position sizing to achieve objectives

You achieve your goals through position sizing not stock picking. Position sizing is the “how much” question when you place a trade. When you invest you want to have a carefully crafted position-sizing model that links to your system’s objectives and financial freedom goals. Position sizing is a deep topic and is responsible for 90% of the difference between one investing system and another.

The Master Investor Mindset

Top investors are like elite athletes. They prepare for placing their trades like an athlete mentally prepares for a race. They have a routine that “gets them in the zone”. Successful investors have a supreme blend of discipline and confidence. They understand that investing is a game and they make the rules. They also practise gratitude and are thankful for what they have.

You can read more of Sam’s writing on investing on the SpoonFed Investor blog or on his personal blog.

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