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The Share Investing Course for Smart People was built to show you exactly how to invest so you can achieve the results you want on your own. 

It includes:

  1. The power of beliefs and how they shape your investing
  2. How to model the beliefs of top investors 
  3. The scientific path to financial freedom
  4. How to develop a compelling model of the stock market
  5. How to get an edge and trade like the “house”
  6. How to set objectives that let you risk less and win big
  7. Why it’s through position sizing that you achieve your investing goals
  8. The key to investing system development: market types
  9. The anatomy of a quality business
  10. How to buy a stock for less than its worth with value investing
  11. How to find super-performace growth stocks
  12. The life cycle of a stock and damn good techncial analysis set-ups 
  13. Stalking the market with simple entries
  14. How to place hard to hit stop-losses  
  15. How to trade what's in-front of you with a complex exit strategy
  16. The skill of advanced trade management
  17. How to run your investing business like a hedge fund
  18. How to avoid market crashes (and then profit from the fall)
  19. How to develop the master investor mindset
  20. Writing your trading plan and executing your strategy


When you join you will be enrolled in our 20-part course that outlines a proven framework for investing success. Each lesson will be sent directly to your inbox for you to go through in your own time. 


This isn’t your typical free course. It wasn’t just thrown together — we put a lot of time and effort into creating it. If you’re serious about your share investing, you’re going to get an extreme amount of value out of this course.

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